Bulk Emails

Plan NameEmails Per MonthShared IPDedicated IPPrice
Standard 2,00,000NOYESRs.13,500

Note: For Customer Information Database Should not have any bounce email ids, if they use purchased or shared database what they uploaded. Because GMAIL YAHOO MSN other who have their own servers might spam the email If the same list which are in Queue if the emails are getting bounce from the same sender email id & IP Address, Hence we are not responsible for any credit refund, even the email content and subject matters.
We only give credits for sending bulk emails, and not responsible for any leads, enquires, call backs etc.
No Package has email credits carry forward options.
Note: Reseller Needs to take minimum 5 Lakhs Package.

At the time of activation of package we will surely provide your demo and explain the panel in detail, so that you can get good inbox delivery.


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